Pigeon (Give wings to your phone)

About Pigeon:
Access your all messages online and never miss an important messages.
Get your all contacts and call log online.
Login to sync your messages,contacts and calllog.
Pigeon also provide one more service.If you forget your phone at home or office you can get all your important details like missed call,unread messages and contact information by SMS.
Visit to access all your synced data :
Download Android Application

Search Lyrics
This is small open source program that search lyrics for your songs.

Just enter song name… It is developed in java using SearchLyricsAPI.

Download Jar files and source from below link

Download SearchLyricsAPI from GitHub

omt Slice

Slice is a pure java screen capture application.
It’s free and lightweight.

1. Quick Launch From Notification Bar
2. Copy Image Directly To Clipboard
3. 100% Transparency For Selected Area

“omt Slice” has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and awarded with “100% CLEAN” certificate.

Download From Sourcforge

My Button Web Browser

My Button is open source java web browser.
It also support HTML5 and JavaScript.
Develop for school and college projects and learning purpose.
Download source code extract .zip file and copy “mybutton” folder from “parser\mybutton” to C:\
Import project “omtMyButton” in eclipse.
Require Java 6.
Read More About My Button

My Note
My note app allow user to add quick note without closing current tab. App contains clean design and easy to use.

It is pure HTML 5 application.

Download Chrome Plugin

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