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MenuBar not working for eclipse in Ubuntu

MenuBar not working for eclipse in Ubuntu I upgrade my ubuntu from 13.04 to 13.10 but in 13.10 eclipse menubar is not working properly. In Unity there is one flag : UBUNTU_MENUPROXY, This is environment variable in ubuntu. Default value of this flag is 1. Check default value in your PC by typing below command [...]


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requireJs tutorial

require.js It loads your all JavaScript files. Download require.js from ( ). Find project structure for this example : Code in myapi.js Code in myutil.js Code in app.js Code in main.js Code in index.html Here index.html contains script tag with attribute data-main It contains name of js file that load by require.js Note: Here [...]


Java – Message passing between threads

Message passing between threads in java Lets look producer and Consumer example. Producer will produce something and consumer will consumed it. Look below code. here we are passing message between threads. Here we are using vector (As a queue) to store our messages. we are going to store five messages at a time. After five [...]


Java – Custom Annotation

This tutorial explain you about how to create custom annotation in java. About annotation : What is annotation ? Annotation is one kind of metadata, It is not a part of your program but It provides some imformation or data to your program. Many java framework like Hibernate,Struts,Spring etc use annotation. Annotation name start with [...]


Measure execution time for your methods

This is small program that measure execution time for your methods. Output : Execution Time in Second :5


Generate Random Integer Number Between 0 to specified value

Generate Random Integer Number Between 0 (inclusive) and the specified value here (10) (exclusive) Output : 0 1 6 0 4 4 5 0 1 4


Http connection timeout in android

This is small example about how to set connection timeout in android. Use following code to set connection timeout. Full Example Code Shown Below


Configure your eclipse for C++

This is small sample of how to use eclipse for c++. There are two ways to use eclipse for C++. 1) Download Eclipse CDT : It is separate eclipse only for C/C++. 2) Download C++ Plugin in you existing eclipse. I recommend you to download separate Eclipse CDT. Download from here : After downloading [...]


Generate MD5 in Java

Below is small program that generate MD5 String in java. OutPut MD5 :202cb962ac59075b964b07152d234b70


Welcome to omtLab

Welcome to omtLab My name is Dhiral Pandya and this is my blog. You can find here some code,application and api developed for Mobile,Web and Desktop application in various programming language. You can follow RSS for new updates. Find more about me Thank you for visiting omtLab Dhiral Pandya


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